Transformers 4

Transformers 4«Transformers 4» - a new fantastic action of director Michael Bay, which world premiere is planned in 2014. The picture is the sequel to the previous parts of a series of popular and well-known «Transformers». Film grossed up a huge amount, but it is for the creators of «Transformers» is not a reason to stop there. The new fourth part will narrate about Galvatron's revolt. Proceeding from it the full name of the new franchise will be «Transformers 4: Age of Extinction». In the new film will have a terrible battle robots, consisting of a set of modern special effects.

Modern blockbuster is a very interesting story and at the same time will certainly entertaining for anyone, even the most demanding audience. All scenario of the fourth transformers is thought over to the smallest details. Audience will be able to see tremendous deadly fights between transformers and magnificent game of actors. A new story will continue to be built on a moral and conclusions of the famous director.

Transformers 4: Age of extionctionIn the new film will take part are brand new and previously unknown to us heroes. Without exception, this motion picture remembered special crossover storyline robotic machines with the plot of another movie. At present, this fact is not yet known, but already looking online trailer «Transformers 4» can imagine how interesting is a new story.


Michael Bay will film «Transformers 4»

A new part of the Transformers will be removed as before the American director Michael Bay, who also directed the previous three parts. After completing his work on the film «Blood and then» Michael agreed to talk about the plot of the new film «Transformers 4».

Prior to filming Michael...

Double portion «Transformers 4»

Studio «Paramount» will soon begin shooting the fourth and fifth of the modern sequel «Transformers». The news was the executive director of the company «Hasbro» Brian Golden. Will create two pieces at a time, which will last a fierce struggle with the Autobots Decepticons. Thus the return of «...

The first news about the fourth «Transformers»

Transformers at number four, according to the director of Hasbro, has actively discussed with the company of Paramount, which was noted in his recent report for the 3rd quarter of 2011. All of the following news related to this project, he promised to publish in its next report. However, only...


Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg

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Nicola Peltz

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